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The most popular strategy of free bonus

popular strategy

There’s no bitcoin casino that wouldn’t run at a small loss, hence doubling users deposits from pure generosity. The most popular strategy of free bonus working involves the following mathematical equation: A user deposits X amount of money into his or her online casino account. In order to withdraw that x amount, the user must send a transaction request to his or her chosen online casino using the chosen withdrawal method.

The good thing about this specific setup is that anyone can enjoy free spins using this particular strategy. That said, there are a couple of variations of the free deposit bonus and how they work. Below is an explanation of how each variation works.

The first strategy

The first and most straightforward variation is one that operates within the context of conventional online casinos. After a player deposits X amount of money, he or she may choose to receive either five BTC or five hundred BTC as an additional transaction fee upon every single transaction he or she makes using the given online casinos platform. In other words, after a player deposits x amount of money, he or she is awarded x additional transaction fees for every single transaction made using the given platform. Needless to say, the larger the number of additional transaction fees that are earned, the better and more lucrative this particular incentive is.

The second strategy

The second variant of this strategy operates exactly like the first, except that the person who receives the additional fees is not required to sign up as a member in order to receive them. Instead, the gaming site will require that the person make a withdrawal from his or her account. This is obviously used primarily by gambling sites in order to lure new players, who then deposit more money into their accounts in order to maximize the benefits of receiving the free bitcoins in exchange for their initial deposit.

Some websites also allow their members to make an “opinion” deposit into their online casinos via the provided wallet software. This is similar to the second strategy mentioned above, but the results are absolutely different. Instead of receiving five BTC as an additional transaction fee whenever one makes a deposit, the additional fees that are paid to the website will be channeled straight back into the members’ wallets. Again, this is a hugely profitable strategy for the gaming site, since the resulting rate from this form of rake betting is quite high.

Wagering bonus

Finally, there are some gambling websites that offer their customers the opportunity to take advantage of what is called a “wagering bonus”. This essentially is an additional bonus that is paid to all players when they make a deposit to the given online casino. Usually, the bonuses offered are dependent upon the final jackpot amount that has not been reached by any of the players within a specific time period. This means that no matter how much money has been collected during the duration of the game, the gamers will still be entitled to some sort of wager welcome bonus.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that an individual can make use of the wagering welcome bonus offered by various bitcoin casinos. While this strategy might not always work, it is important to understand that most of the top notch establishments that offer these bonuses do so in order to entice new players. Since the gaming industry is relatively new, it may take some time before we start to see the benefits that this type of bonus brings. However, as more people discover the profit potential returns associated with using the protocol behind the bitcoin currencies, we will undoubtedly start to see this technology spread into every casino on the planet.

In summary

There are a number of different ways that you can take advantage of this free wagering incentive that is currently available through many of the leading websites. Whether you play a variety of games like blackjack or roulette, you can take advantage of the wagers welcome feature that is featured on most casinos today.

Even if you do not play any of the aforementioned games, you will find that a variety of different games including slots can also be played on top of the free bets you will receive when you sign up for an account at an establishment that offers this type of wagering incentive. Since this option is readily available, there is no reason to delay any further in finding a top notch casino where you can enjoy playing your favorite games without incurring any additional costs. Take the time to search and review the website of your choice, and then make your deposit today!