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The story of Slotlady, a slot machine fan and video blogger


Sarah is a bright and smiling blonde with gray eyes. The audience of her YouTube channel has more than 61 thousand subscribers, another 4 thousand people follow the girl’s Instagram account and just over 3 thousand on Facebook. The reason for such popularity was Sarah’s hobby – gambling. Now the successful video-blogger, better known under the nickname Slotlady.

Slotlady – first video and meteoric rise

The first video on Slotlady’s YouTube channel appeared just a year and a half ago, on July 5, 2017. On July 21, Sarah promoted her project on the Vegas Fanatics forum. The girl promised that she would post new content every day. And her strategy worked. By early 2019, Sarah had racked up over 2.3 million views. On average, her videos are viewed 20-25,000 times, but some stories garner over 200,000!

Slotlady’s main motivation for starting her own channel was her love of bitcoin gambling. In her message to her subscribers she wrote, “I love slot machines and casino gambling, so I decided to create my own blog to share my experiences with you.”

Tricks and chips

Not much is known about Slotlady – only what she herself prefers to share about herself. She is 26 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada. The girl frequently visits casinos in Niagara Falls and flies to Las Vegas. She does not limit herself to publishing pre-recorded videos and occasionally does live broadcasts. But even without them, Slotlady’s content is different from classic slot machine reviews. In her video, Sarah uses almost no editing, she just runs the video slot reels in the casino and captures the whole process on camera.

Slotlady produces short (less than 15 minutes) and long (up to 60 minutes) videos. Videos posted almost daily, as promised when creating the channel. Sarah tries not to forget about her fans even during Christmas and long holidays.

The girl gives preference to popular slots based on movies and TV series, as well as timeless classics. In her collection you can find bitcoin slots machines “Sex and the City”, “The Third Man”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Simpsons”, “The Flintstones”, “Playboy”.

Sarah isn’t shy about talking about her losses. She spends no more than $100 on each slot machine and plays until she hits the jackpot or loses the entire allotted amount.

On social networks Slotlady announces new videos, talks about her travels, sports and a little bit about everyday life. On, he broadcasts live and interacts with fans. She only has 800 followers on the popular streaming service, and she’s a far cry from RocknRolla or DavidLabowsky, but Slotlady is not discouraged and keeps working on her content to attract a new audience.

The girl gamer has become so popular with her English-speaking audience that she was able to launch her own online store. Sarah sells T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as sports bags and phone cases. The hallmark of all Slotlady products is the signature logo in the form of a smiling lemon.

Slotlady – professional blogger or amateur

While Slotlady channel is gaining popularity, the debate about Sarah’s professionalism does not subside on the forums. Some gamblers criticize Slotlady for her content, claiming that the pretty girl knows nothing about the games she plays. Others defend the blogger and advocate for more girl streamers. In the Slotlady camp of defenders, there is a perception that female streamers are more likely to be biased by the audience. In this case, men often pay more attention to appearance than to professionalism, and do not pass up the opportunity to leave vulgar comments of a sexual nature under videos.

Despite the considerable number of haters and negative comments, Sarah Slotlady continues to produce videos and devotes her free time to gambling. Thanks to her persistence and hard work, she has already made her name recognizable among English-speaking slot machine fans and even launched her own brand. Her avatar with a lemon smiley face makes one smile sourly, but as one casino ad said, three lemons in a row has a sweet taste of victory.