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Types of Cryptocurrency and Why You Should Invest in Them

Types of Cryptocurrency

So, we know there are 10,000 distinct types of Cryptocurrency. But, why would there be so many different currencies? Well, the answer is there are many uses for Cryptocurrency in the market place. The general idea of a token is that the value of a token is derived from the monetary value of some underlying asset, like gold, silver, or maybe a stock.

Types of Cryptocurrency

Smart contract platforms

One such use for Cryptocurrencies is smart contract platforms. The most popular one at the moment is Ethereum. This is a platform created by a company called either Technologies, which is backed by Metatrader, a well respected trader fund. Ethereal also uses a variant of the Proof of Stake model, called ether chain, which is also quite popular, due to its increased security. With both these projects, you can exchange currency from an Ethereum to another, with no hassle or long delays.

Digital currencies

The next type of Cryptocurrency that is gaining in popularity is digital currencies. Digital currencies are like any otherICO coin, except they exist on a distributed ledger, much like a distributed database. Because there is not a physical coin, it is much easier and less costly to transfer these types of transactions. Some examples of these types of currencies are doge, money, and peer coin.


One other type of Cryptocurrency that is becoming very popular is Nanoorthography. Unlike all the previous cryptocoin types, this one utilizes a technology called Nano technology. What this means is that instead of a diamond shape, the coin has a special metal coating. These coats are transparent and can be identified by a naked eye. They are also resistant to hacking, compared to other cryptosystems, and due to their unique properties, they are very secure too. Some examples of ether nano tokens are ethereum, monero and zcash.

Thorium and Sofi invest

Finally, we come to the last few types of Cryptocurrencies, and they are called thorium and sofi invest. The reason that so many different Cryptocurrencies are being developed at this time is because there is such a high demand for them. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is that there are no physical commodities involved. Therefore, no investors have to worry about gold or silver, and the only thing that you really need is a computer.

With each of the three main types of Cryptocurrency out there today, there is a huge demand for miners. This is because new altcoins are being launched, and therefore new miners will want to join in the fun. It is very important for investors to know that there is such a thing as a profitable long term altcoin fork. Therefore, they should watch out for the sofi fork, and they should also make sure that they have as much ether as possible, since this is the only way to make money.

Cryptocurrency is smart contract software

Lastly, we come to the last few types of Cryptocurrency. One such popular form of Cryptocurrency is smart contract software. These are dApps that work exactly like online trading platforms, except they run on the ethernet network. Investors can purchase ether from the smart contract platform and then use that ether to do anything, anywhere. Therefore, this is a great investment vehicle for those who don’t have much money, or for people who would rather not deal with any capital markets.

Another form of Cryptocurrency that is gaining in popularity is the thorium. This is due to the fact that it is much more profitable than the previous two. This makes it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a short term gain, and also if you have some extra money lying around. However, it is going to be extremely difficult for the neo to become a mainstream form of currency, because it is not easy to change the world’s economy with a few lines of code.

New cryptocurrency

The future of Neo will likely be filled with both hype and controversy. Many people believe that the hype surrounding this new cryptocurrency is simply a ploy by developers to make money. However, I think that there’s a chance that this new technology may revolutionize currency altogether. If you have any thoughts on how this new digital asset will evolve, let us know in the comments section below. If you like our content, please check out our other articles as well!